Mission & Goals

The mission of Corrections Services is to enhance public safety through the safe and secure incarceration of offenders, effective probation/parole supervision and proven rehabilitative strategies that successfully reintegrate offenders into society, as well as to assist individuals and communities victimized by crime.

Goals and Priorities

Goals and priorities are built around the Department’s commitment to public safety and rehabilitation and serve to guide our performance in carrying out our mission. These include:


Staff and Offender Safety

We provide for the safety of staff and offenders by maintaining an organized and disciplined system of operations which enhance the stability of all programs. All employees are provided training on the principles of the Code of Ethics of the American Correctional Association to demonstrate our commitment to professional and compassionate service.

Provision of Basic Services

We provide basic services relating to adequate food, clothing and shelter. We are further committed to delivering cost effective, quality health care services that maintain basic health and quality mental health services to contribute to the offender’s satisfactory prison adjustment, and to diminish public risk presented by offenders upon release.

Opportunity for Change

We promote moral rehabilitation through program participation and will provide an environment for offenders which enables positive behavior change. This will be accomplished by making or identifying educational and rehabilitative opportunities available within the institution, or in the community for offenders under supervision, who demonstrate motivation for change and the desire to participate in such programs.

Opportunity for Making Amends

Through the availability of opportunities for making restitution and participating in community restorative initiatives, offenders will be provided a mechanism to compensate individuals and communities harmed by crime.


We are committed to developing partnerships throughout our communities to include victims, relevant groups and public and private agencies. We recognize the importance of the role of the community, the victim and the offender in the successful criminal justice system. By using evidence-based practices, we will increase compliance with conditions of parole supervision and the ability of the offenders to reintegrate, which will result in safely reducing recidivism among Louisiana parolees and probationers.